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I've waited so long for today, it's not even funny [26 Nov 2006|10:29am]
[ mood | distressed ]

I don't know if any of y'all have been reading Sam and Fuzzy as of late (and if you haven't you really should be), but...

SIDNEY!!! Sin, you bastard! *cries*


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This is why it's taking me so effing long to write this essay: [23 Nov 2006|02:21am]
[ mood | so tired I just don't care ]

My notes on Machaut, biography section, helpfully written by Andrew Nowry:

Machaut was a Rock star
-He rocked out
-Sang about how his girlfriend left him
-Praises Ktulu

*sound of head hitting desk many times in a row*


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Public Service Announcement [01 May 2006|01:23pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

If you're wondering why many entries have disappeared, it is because I have finally made the change to Friends-Only. If you want another friend... leave me a message and we'll see what we can do. Thanks all!

Edit: This means, if you're on my friendlist and want to read stuff here, joo must log in. :D

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"Erin wears the pants in this relationship. What scares me is, that means Matt's wearing the skirt." [06 Feb 2004|02:29pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Oww, the pain. I'm so sore. I woke up this morning at 6, misread the clock as 8:00, got out of bed, got dizzy, sat down on floor and promptly fell asleep on floor. Urgh. >.<

Got to school two hours early yesterday, as school starts later on Fridays. Ended up going to Chem tutorial, where my CD player broke. *sniff* But then we got to poke at various live things in Bio, so it was fun. Kat brought me the dress, which did not fit, so Kira brought me a skirt and shoes instead. I'm a mooch. *shrugs* The dance was très fun, though. I felt *under*dressed, as everybody (except us) was so fancy. Emile and I requested like 50 punk songs in a row, but all they played was AC/DC. Oh well. We all air-guitared to that, was mucho fun. We all went crazy dancing and blamed it on the full moon, hehe. Niall's a damn good dancer, which is slightly weird, knowing him. It's like, grinding with Matt is funny, but with Niall it's just damn fun, cause he's *good*. The teachers don't approve of 'full body contact' dancing, as they call it, though. At one point the vice-principal pulled two people apart and told them they had to make room for the Holy Spirit. o.0 It was a little scary. So Matt busted out the Jesus dance a couple times, which turned into kind of a slow-motion arm windmilling thing as he got tired. Kira's shoes eventually started causing my feet a good deal of pain, so I went and sat with Marbi, who as it turns out was mad at Alex for being with some other girl. Poor girl. She went and got drunk afterwards, and she's v. unhappy. Hm. Other than Marbi being a sad girl, it was good fun. Just to see if the teachers would notice, a whole bunch of us started grinding in one big line. IT was funny, cause they didn't notice. Damn teachers. Seeing your principal dancing to Sean Paul is something I never want to experience again.

Went home afterwards and watched Aliens. Was good, if slightly cheesy. Although I want Ripley's flamethrower/machine gun/grenade launcher, so I can scare the crap out of people. *grins* Might have to use it on my sisters. Am babysitting them now, which completely sucks. They're such brats. Argh. Must drink more coffee. *goes off whining about headache* :P


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"Look at him. He's got a Brendan Fraser thing going on!" "No, he has an Adolf Hitler thing going on. [04 Feb 2004|07:00pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Well, I am officially going to the Valentine's dance. By myself. Well, not so much by myself as surrounded by hundreds of people in formalwear. Oh well, should be a good do, as Chuck pointed out. Kat is bringing me something to wear if I can't find anything at Value Village. Haha. Yes, my budget is limited. Come on, Heather found a barely-used trench coat there last time! Oh well, apparently I'm wearing a black dress with orange flowers. Yay! Funky! Every girl that's going is in total superficial/shallow mode right now. Most repeated phrase today: 'What are you wearing tomorrow?' Poor Naomi has a gorgeous dress, but she's afraid to wear it because she thinks it looks too fancy. *shakes head* Silly girl. Chances are Heather's going to show up in her cat blanket poncho and the devil horns. Nobody can possibly be made fun of more than Heather gets made fun of. Of course, nobody makes fun of *themselves* as much as Heather does, so... *shrugs*

We had a new teacher guy in jazz today, he was v. good. Lots of fun, except for improvising. Oh well, at least we got to play actual music on a page today. And we were late for Spanish! Double bonus. I really violently dislike that class. She won't let me listen to music, and we have to listen to a bunch of 'Spanish' people talking on tape. The teacher keeps butchering the language. Urgh. Oh well, it's the only class I have with Kira. I feel like I never see her anymore. *cries* Although we did take the train today. I got led around by my scarf alot. I should just stop wearing that thing. It's like a leash now. As Kira put it: "Whoever controls the scarf, wears the pants." It's so true.

Oh well, I've sat on my ass for long enough now. I am off to speak el espagnol, and hopefully get some homework done. Love you all!


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"Well, the death threats started to get to me, so I decided to give her her wallet back." [01 Feb 2004|09:39pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Yaaaay! My music got here! Sweet 70's British punk! Yeah, I'm driving my mother crazy. My dad likes the Sex Pistols though, so it's all good. And my mom doesn't mind the Ramones, but only because she likes Spike, who likes the Ramones too. Kind of creepy, actually. But then many of us unfortunate teenage girls have had experience with our mothers liking the celebrities we do. Doesn't make it any less creepy, though. A phrase for consideration: Julie's mom + Colin Firth. Eeeugh.

Got to see my new house yesterday. It's giganomous. And I have an entire room to myself. Whee! It's also, like, 2 minutes away from every place I've ever visited ever. Except for Matt's house, cause he lives on a farm. Literally. We had half of his Halloween party in the barn. He's become the master of Driving Everybody Nuts, thanks to Spanish class. If we ever go to any Spanish-speaking country, we'll know how to say 'oh no! We're out of folders!', because this is the only phrase Matthew knows. All through the afternoon: 'Ay carumba! No carpetas!' We'll be very well prepared if we ever want to go shopping for school supplies in Mexico. *rolls eyes*

Oh well, off to watch yet more TV. Maybe I'm obsessed now? Oh well. More music.


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[29 Jan 2004|04:35pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Okay, yeah, so school really does suck. Well, not entirely. Actually, it's not all bad. Chem should be good, except for the turtles that sit and stare at the back of my head. Our Chem teacher has a turtle fetish. Bio sounds boring, only now we have to cram 12 weeks of boring into 9 weeks. And our textbooks, according to Kourtney, "are so heavy they should be recognized as slightly boring pets". Spanish is a drag, but at least it's an easy drag. French pretty much covers it. And I got kicked out of Math 20, so I don't know how that goes. Me and Kat were both kicked out so we just went to Chinook. And I bought more music, yay! I need to stop spending money...

I'm so very sore. We walked around the mall twice, upstairs and downstairs. And a word of advice - if you REALLY want exercise, play Twister with someone you hate. The match will go on and on and on simply because neither of you wants to admit defeat. Oh well, I'm still the Twister champ, so it all worked out.

I need more money...


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"There's a point at which you have to ask yourself, 'Exactly how much crazier will this make me?'" [28 Jan 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Noooo... school starts again tomorrow. Damnit. Why can't everything just stop when it gets cold? Had to go to piano, which was an absolute waste of time. Although Magda came with, so it was okay. Still a waste of my time, though. *And* I have to practice violin. Can't wait till the end of the year, I can be done with it.

On the plus side, I'm armed with lots of music now, so I can alternately tune Kira out and make her mad as hell. Heh. Oh well. Pointless update. I'm doing something on the weekend, I don't care what it is, as long as it can be indoors.

Yeah, school is pointless.

R.I.P. Glenn Quinn.


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"Our goal? Fighting the crimes perpetrated against humanity by the inhumanity of the inhumane!" [26 Jan 2004|01:34pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I'm having an interesting convo with Bagstad at the moment. We've created the Anti--McGuigan-clones/Actors-Named-Kevin Patrol. We're making banners. Does anybody know what a colour is that symbolizes fighting crimes against humanity?

I'm bored. And very, very cold. If somebody wants to do something, call me.

Ta for now!

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[ mood | sore ]

Legs so sore. Come to think of it, fingers are too. Actually, fingers are more sore than legs. And they smell like rosin. Had band workshop thing in the morning, was pretty boring, but at least we were able to break into the cafeteria and create chaos. We threw an orange at each other until it exploded. And I was sacrificed to the god of oranges. Hm. Oh well, after school was fun. Went to Long & McQuade with Heather, Magda and McGuigan. We stopped at the Community Organic Foods store and it smelled funny. But Heather is the absolute knowledge girl on organic foods. It's crazy. We made fun of the carrot juicers and the infomercials where people stand for half an hour and watch some guy shove vegetables into a super-duper magic juicer that you can own for only $29.99! *shakes head*

Heather kept proving Magda's remark about how her (Heather's) life is like a bad sitcom, by falling into no less than three snowbanks on the way to L&M. First she tried climbing a pile of ice, and ended up shrieking and falling over while we walked away. Then we made her go first to get down a hill, and she made a path for us by slipping and faling down. Then of course she jumped the fence and landed in a snowbank. Crazy hooligan. But then we dried off by the pianos, where Magda and I practiced Gerschwin, and then we played random songs on guitar, and McGuigan sang. I love bass. Heather and I played Smoke on the Water so much that the guy who worked there eventually gave up on trying to persuade us to leave and just joined in the damn song. And I learned the song that is playing right now. And then I yoinked a string bass and played Rock and Roll Pt.2 forever. All good fun. And the best part was, I avoided going home until my sister's friends were gone! Imagine a house full of 12-year-old girls. *shudders* Ugh. But then I got cake. Mmmm... cake. Loud music. Yay. Er, I should stop talking before I talk myself into a coma. M*A*S*H marathon on right now! Am watching. Bye all!

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"You look like you just rolled out of bed." "That's probably cause I just rolled out of bed." [22 Jan 2004|01:35pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

EXAMS ARE OVER! Thank God almighty. I studied my ass off yesterday, I swear I didn't even eat for like half the day. Urgh. Slept in, unfortunately, and missed the first half of math final, so I had to write with like grade 11 Physics or something. Oh well, at least I got it done.

Apparently, my good bud Kylie is coming to town tonight! So I will prolly be up with her for a good part of the day, and then the workshop tomorrow means I'm so not going home at all. Finally sold our house, although apparently there are conditions of some kind. Oh well, I'm just glad I'm officially moving.

My hands smell like cat breath. o.O Not pleasant. I may have been feeding her out of my hand a while ago. Why can't I remember anything I do lately? I don't remember the drive to school today. Hrm. Gotta stop drinking so much coffee. I hope I don't get dependent, I don't have the money to support any other addictions besides music these days. Money not-so-slowly running out. Damn savings account.

Ooh - food is ready. Ichiban soup! So yummy. Ta for now!

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"Just had to want it bad enough?! GET WITH THE SNOGGING ALREADY!" [20 Jan 2004|11:23am]
[ mood | cold ]

Test your Spike/Fred knowledge

Spred obsessed, indeed. *grins* I've been watching too much TV, when I really really should be studying. Did English final yesterday, wasn't too bad. I just hope it wasn't one of those things where I think I did okay but in reality I bombed. *shrugs* Went to Booster Juice afterwards and got Energy Booster things, those are such a ripoff. I could barely walk home. Of course, the energy kicked in seven hours later when I wanted to sleep. Bought more Ramones and the Sex Pistols, but it's an online thing so it'll take forever to get here. Sigh.

That is all my news. Except for that I cannot WAIT for finals to be over.
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"Look out! The ducks are going to war!" [16 Jan 2004|11:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Gah. Didn't even get to sleep in today. Curse it all. Woke up early to go babysit for the baptism course at the church... took care of one baby, cutest kid I've ever seen in my life. Babies are so fat, hehe. Just like Heather. What a tank. ;)

Speaking of Heather... okay, yeah, you know no good ever comes of a sentence that starts that way. But it's not too bad this time. After going home and sleeping for a couple hours, went to mass and then to Ye Old CPO Concerte, with the tickets from band. It was surprising how many people decided to come... we're such nerds. There was me, Magda, McGuigan, Heather and Jen, as well as many other people who aren't as cool as we are. I ended up sitting between McGuigan and Heather, and through the whole thing I had to fight a strong urge to staple their faces together. Those two are so clueless. *shakes head*

I've made up a long, long list of music I want. I'll never ever have to make up another birthday/Christmas list again...

Bed now. Bye all!

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"Guys, go after him." "Why do I feel like Erin's bloodhound?" [15 Jan 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I'm so tired... this whole week has been crazy. Got up early for the last goddamn time this week and went to bloody school. I can't wait for the summer. Jesus, it's six months away. Kill me now. Sat through a bunch of boring poetry stuff, did two unit exams and then did nothing in Religion. Failed the Social exam cause I didn't go to Social yesterday, but did okay on the Math one. I hope to god I don't fail finals. I thought it was gonna be cold this afternoon so I went straight to the mall instead of 17th. Meh. Not so much with the cold. Met up with some Grandin people, so Nicole came too. Browsed through HMV for half an hour. Bought some Ramones for me and a random CD for the middle sister's birthday, if she doesn't like it I'll kill her, it cost $40 total. Yeesh. I tried to find Ghost of the Robot, but apparently they don't have them. Damn it. Couldn't find RATM, either, which was mildly disturbing. Frothed at the mouth for a bit until Nicole made me pay for the damn CDs and dragged me out. Hehe.

I've decided I am going to gradually learn German. I found out you can change your Google settings to show results in whatever language you want - this list includes Pig Latin, Klingon, and Elmer Fudd. Mine is now set to German, and I'm slowly learning what words mean. I'm going to completely bastardize the language, but hey.

In a half-conscious state. I've fallen asleep twice at the computer so far. Gotta go at least make it to the couch. See you all later.

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"I don't understand. Is this class abstract?" [14 Jan 2004|06:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I am the happiest man on earth. Well, okay, maybe I'm not. But I'm the happiest of me on earth. And seeing as how I've done personality transplants on many people, there are quite a few of me. Erm. What? Alright. I get to play bass next year in band!! Woot! No more trumpet for me. I'm playing string bass for wind orchestra and then bass guitar for jazz. Yay! I will have to buy a guitar and also rent a string bass now. Hrm. Between guitars/CDs, movies, hair dye, band camp and actually paying for piercings, I am the poorest person in this household right now. Jesus Christ, I spend too much. Oh well, my parents will pay for university and then we'll see. Bwa ha ha.

Short update for absolutely nothing. I'm bored.

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"I am a nice shark, not a mindless eatin' machine. That's Heather." [12 Jan 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I had to meme. Way too many people are doing them. 'Meme' sounds like French slang for something, dunnit? *shrugs* Oh well.

Memes, some of which are really quite entertaining.Collapse )

I should be writing a Social issue letter... thing. Apparently the teacher is going to send them to some MLA guy, or something, I'm betting about three people will turn theirs in. I did not have to go to school in the morning, so I attempted to sleep in, but of course woke up at 7. Then a series of bad things happened in which I choked on my cereal, spilled orange juice on the newspaper, dripped rubbing alcohol on my right eyeball and speared my hand with a pencil. Sigh. I was dreading jazz, too, because it was our blues recording session or what have you, but it actually turned out pretty fun.

There was a lot of craziness today... Heather came into Religion wearing light-up devil horns and a misshapen grey poncho made out of a cat blanket. I couldn't concentrate on the woman giving a presentation, Heather was sitting directly in front of me with these merrily blinking red devil horns, it was quite frightening. Then we went into the band room which was set up something like a jazz nightclub, of course with all the lights off except on the podium. Anyway, the only thing you can see from up there are the horns. *shakes head* I started laughing in the middle of my thing, you can hear me snickering away on the tape. Hehe. I got into the storage office afterwards and plucked at the string bass while Heather chased Kat around outside, wielding a music stand, with Magda playing horror movie music. Our lives are so movielike. It was great. The last thing I saw, Heather had picked up the cymbals, so I don't even want to know what happened.

Watched Canadian Bacon yesterday. Funny funny movie. Alan Alda is so cute, even if he's wrinkly and old. I want to hug him. Also there was John Candy and Dan Aykroyd. What's not to love? Silly movie!Americans. :P

Rambling away. Sigh. I have literally nothing interesting to say, but yet I manage to do this. Math quizzes, random pregnancies, duct tape top hats... weird. I'm making a collage of crazy moments captured on film, including the Evil!Niall pic, Marbi's anti-rape position, and Heather with the red wig. Ha. Blackmail time.

That is all.

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"He won't pick up on any subliminal messages." "What?! Everything we bought him has hearts on it!" [09 Jan 2004|11:11pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Back from Mike's. That was a crazy party. Good lord, we are nerds. And I have an extremely messed up family. Apparently Courtney is me and Barrett's illegitimate son, who grew up as a con man. And he/she shot Barrett with his own gun. Sheesh. We gave Mike the beach towel and he was frightened. Eh well. He liked the other stuff too. And we got pictures! Will attempt to post them soon. That's really all I have to say. Sooo bored. Little sis has the flu, and middle sis has a meet all tomorrow, so I get to do my English poster without poster board. Yay. Will fail. I hate English.

That is all.

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"Would you hug Doug for a dollar?" [07 Jan 2004|09:03pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Good lord, I hurt. My back hurts esp. Christ, why do I put up with Matt?

Got random work done today, especially in jazz where the teacher is working us like madmen for some reason known only to himself. Apparently we are going to play a workshop at Western, but it's like two months away. *grumble* Band room has officially been deemed a sex chamber. Yesterday in rehearsal the teacher looks over at Zeta and says "Whose handcuffs?" There are like five pairs in the room at any given time. Sheesh. Only class in which we did not work was Religion, where we watched Jesus Christ Superstar. Many of us were singing along. Best musical ever. Except for possibly Cats, and WSS. *shrugs*

Still need to buy Mike a pressie. Damnit. Expensive child. The money-pooling idea is going to have to be it. I will stay for the basketball practice tomorrow and then drag everybody to Chinook. Hopefully if Barrett really loves Alison he'll stay too. Although he probably won't. Eh well.

Canadian Bacon is going to be on Monday! Yay for Alan Alda! Katy was mildly creeped out, but said she would watch it with me if we rented JCS and Chocolat. I have no problem with that. :D So aside from bloody huge insane last-minute English essay-projects, I will be sleeping at everybody's house but mine (no dollar jokes!) and watching movies. This is what I do best. Huzzah.

Am attempting to write a 'Blues in Woot'. Heather's idea, I had to do it. Too much fun. I'm so whipped.

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"What's that French word?" "Er, it means 'holy', but it also happens to be Latin." [05 Jan 2004|06:19pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Brand new journal. Whee! Will have to customize it and such, but for now I'm far too lazy.

School so exhausting. I don't think my sleep patterns have changed yet. Maybe it's cause I still go to bed after midnight, but now have to wake up with around 6 hours' less sleep. Meh. I'm still not intelligent enough to go to bed at a decent time. But I think it's mostly school that wears me out. And Matt, damn that kid. He stole half of the food from my lockers and mooched money all day, then we were having a tug-of-war and he let go, and then there I am all of a sudden on my back, looking up at the ceiling. It was quite funny at the time, but now my back hurts. Yeesh.

Have to buy a present for Mike, who undoubtedly wants something expensive. Also have to rent a costume for this weekend. Social teacher thinks we're all up to kinky games with this talk of costumes. For some reason there are chains in the band room, stuffed behind all the heavy instruments, and there are a suspicious amount of leather pants just "lying around". We suspect it's secretly a sex chamber. Oh well. Band teacher just got back from New Orleans, so he's making us do blues improv for jazz band. Apparently we are each going to record a song. Heather's karaoke version is 'Magda ate my cheese sandwich'. Then Magda grabbed the mike and started in with 'It was my cheese sandwich you psycho, you just stole it from me first'. Twas interesting. Anyway, school was exhausting and now I have math homework to do if I want to pass the quiz tomorrow. Grr. Basement is freezing. My fingers are bleeding. Grah, blood. I had this whole weird dream last night about a vampire biting me. It was strange. Probably something Freudian. Oh well. Freud was kinda psycho himself. And now I'm just rambling. I think I got it from Katy, she wrote me a 21-page note. She couldn't even staple it all together. *shakes head*

I love you all, and hope you found the new journal okay :P Cheers for now!

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"Oh no! Terrorists stole the sun!" [04 Jan 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Ah, the drudgery and procrastination of school. Whatever would I do without it? Besides have fun. But I did miss everybody. I hadn't been poked or had my hair messed up in, like, two weeks. Yeesh. *rolls eyes* Really no point in going to school today. Watched Regis and Kelly/the hockey game in the morning, then listened to music and slept through the afternoon. Meh. Matt just signed on long enough to call me a hooker and then leave. Apparently our whole English class consists of cheap hookers, but I'm the only easy one. Damn it. There was actually an (unintentionally) amusing poem Matt wrote today, I shall post it.

Ye Olde PoetrieCollapse )

So anyways, I have a new LJ now. This one's old. Anyway, I'm now at

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<ljuser="ennie_ronen">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Ah, the drudgery and procrastination of school. Whatever would I do without it? Besides have fun. But I did miss everybody. I hadn't been poked or had my hair messed up in, like, two weeks. Yeesh. *rolls eyes* Really no point in going to school today. Watched Regis and Kelly/the hockey game in the morning, then listened to music and slept through the afternoon. Meh. Matt just signed on long enough to call me a hooker and then leave. Apparently our whole English class consists of cheap hookers, but I'm the only easy one. Damn it. There was actually an (unintentionally) amusing poem Matt wrote today, I shall post it.

<lj-cut text="Ye Olde Poetrie">
English Class, by Matt
Silly sounds are fun to make
Then Kira was like "I wanna bake"
"Damnit Kira" Niall said
Right before he was hit in the head
This class is quite dumb
I'd rather sit on my bum
Katy is very loud
Even in this crowd
Niall is very fat
But he has a cool hat
McGuigan is very funny
But Heather wants to be his hunny
Emile broke his collar
Erin will sleep with you for a dollar
That's all I have to write
It requires no foresight
This happens every day
No matter what you say!

So anyways, I have a new LJ now. This one's old. Anyway, I'm now at <ljuser="ennie_ronen">, so all my stuff will be there from now. New year, new deal and all. Anyway, I'm off. Gotta do homework. Yeah, like that'll happen.

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